Established in 2015, REAPRA Technology is proud to be the quality partner for portfolio companies in Asia.

  • Directly under the parent company REAPRA Pte., we aim to reach talent¬†entrepreneurs in South East Asia (SEA).
  • We are not only investing in new potential industries but also builds value, contributes to the society.
  • Accompany with REAPRA Pte., short-term vision is not enough. We build our mission, vision, and plan for long-term to become a strong technical team that is willing support for REAPRA Group‘ subsidiaries.

Our Mission

“Continue to contribute to increasing the value of the portfolio companies¬†by enhancing their productivity with information technology.”

REAPRA Technology has support teams optimized for each portfolio company, and they contribute to the productivity enhancement by doing the researches on the product development methodologies best for each phase of businesses, such as start-up, operation and expansion.  REAPRA Technology also supports each company to gain benefit from technology to increase the corporate value by helping the management teams deepen their understanding in technology.






Parent Corporation
REAPRA Pte. Ltd. is the parent corporation of REAPRA Technology and the holding company of the group.