Provide the following supports in each industrial phase of the portfolio companies in order to have ideal IT-related strategies development, system development, human resource management and operation.


  • Conduct R&D of the information technology that are supposed to have high technological value in the future in the REAPRA Group’s target industries.
  • Accumulate the insights and apply the research results to the businesses of the portfolio companies.


  • Analyze the technology-related issues that the portfolio companies have, and propose strategies.
  • Define the ideal organization in each business phase, and apply the generalized hiring and human resource development frameworks to the portfolio companies.
  • Generalize the methods of development, product management and project management, and apply them to portfolio companies.
  • Enhance the management teams‘ understanding of technologies in order for the products to be ideally developed and operated.

System Development:

  • Provide the development resource in need (system development, maintenance and testing) in each business phase of the portfolio companies, and solve the issues in practice.
  • Contribute to the enhancement of the productivity of development, as a helpful outside resource.